Sky Sharks (2021)

Somehow, a group of Nazi still remains, hidden in the frozen land with their sky sharks, waiting to attack the world for another attempted take-over.

From the minds of Marc Fehse (credited as creator), writer A.D. Morel, and co-writer Carsten Fehse, with Marc Fehse directing, Sky Sharks has been in the works for a while and is finally out, it all its insanity and grandeur. It’s a mad story pushed to 11 with as much in there as they filmmaker could cram. However, the film ends up feeling a bit overly long at 106 minutes, having a lot of filler scenes and sequences that feel unnecessary. The core of the story is insane and fun at the same time, but that filler drags it down and feels like a secondary film is being mushed into the main one.

The film stars, or rather costars, a slew of horror familiar faces including Tony Todd, Mick Garris, J Larose, Nick Principe, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, and Naomi Grossman in smaller roles with the leads being somewhat familiar in most cases to not all that familiar unless the viewer watches tons of films per year. As the Richter sister, Eva Habermann and Barbara Nedeljakova are a large part of the story as they work towards trying to save to the world from the new Nazi attack by way of flying sharks. The both of them do ok work here, neither groundbreaking nor bad, they are decent in the parts given and keep the story afloat through tons of filler and seemingly random scenes. They work at best they can here and do decently at that. The cast here is large, very large even, with so many people involved that it’s difficult to really pinpoint the performances in a review outside of the two mentioned above and the slew of horror cameos throughout which are fun to watch, but in most cases bring little to the story unfortunately.

The film here also suffers from a bit of over-ambition with the special effects leading them to widely uneven. Some of the practical effects are superb, but not all of them, so it’s difficult to talk about it in a single view. There are some great ideas there and some great executions, but the bad executions seem to hit the viewer in the face a bit more at times. The CGI added to some of the scenes is pretty terrible most of the time, but kinda adds to the bad movie vibe, elevating it in that world. Anyone looking at Sky Sharks for a serious film or one that takes itself seriously will have great issues with the effects and will most likely turn it off, but it’s being looked at as a fun bad movie, there is something there even in the terrible CGI and the uneven practical effects.

Sky Sharks is a mess at best, but a fun to watch mess, and if that makes sense to you, then by all means watch this glorious insanity of a film and enjoy the zombie Nazis, flying sharks, and random boobies. A lot of familiar horror faces have lent their talents to this and they look like they were having fun, so it’s the kind of film that is clearly not meant to be taken seriously, but meant to watched with a group of buddies, a few drinks, and an open mind. It’s fun, it’s silly, it’s not for everyone.

The Blu Ray release boasts a high quality in sound and image, with pretty much zero special features except for a few trailers for other MPI releases.

Sky Sharks comes out on February 2nd, 2021 on Blu and other formats.