Savage Streets (1984) [Blu-Ray]

After the excellent release of the limited edition 2018 print, Code Red delivers a wider and more broadly available upgrade for the highly deserving “Savage Streets.” The 1984 cult classic is still a marvelous gem of eighties exploitation. It channels the classic Youths Gone Wild films of the fifties, and is filled with gorgeous women, roughneck teenagers, and an insanely sexy Linda Blair wreaking pure vengeance against the men that victimized her sister. She does it all with a bitchin’ crossbow, to boot.

Brenda (Blair) is a bold and vicious leader of a gang but spends a lot of her time doting on her deaf-mute kid sister Heather (Linnea Quigley in her debut). When a prank involving the trashing of a dope-dealing gang’s car leads to the brutal gang rape of the innocent Heather, Brenda vows revenge, while fending off the flirtations of a dimwitted jock and the insults from his jealous girlfriend. As the gang war escalates, Brenda ultimately decides to deliver justice for her sister’s stolen innocence with the use of a crossbow and a switchblade.

Danny Steinmann’s exploitative gang fest us is probably my favorite exploitation film featuring Linda Blair. Blair (who replaced Cherrie Currie a few days in to the beginning of production) just looks like she’s having a balls out good time, even engaging in a nude fight with one of her rivals in a school shower. Blair has a sheer talent for showing off her gorgeous curves when even the baggiest outfit, and she flaunts her curves. As with all movies of this class, director Steinmann unabashedly digs his heels firmly in to exploitation and over the top violence.

All the while also pulling some great performances from folks like Vernon, Robert Dryer, and Sal Landi, respectively. It’s a great late night action gem suitable for a double bill with fare like “Switchblade Sisters.”

This release is almost identical to the original 2018 release, sans the new slipcover art. It’s perfect if you missed the last run. There’s an audio commentary with Actors Robert Dryer, Johnny Venocur and Producer John Strong, an audio commentary with Actors Robert Dryer, Sal Landi and Cinematographer Stephen L. Posey, and an audio commentary by Director Danny Steinmann.

There’s the isolated music track, a seventeen minute interview with star Linda Blair, and a ten minute interview with co-star Linnea Quigley. There are to interviews with producers John Strong, Two interviews with actor Robert Dryer, two interviews with actor Johnny Venocur, an interview with actor Sal Landi, and finally an interview with actor Scott Mayer. There’s the four minutes long Kat’s Scratch Cinema Intro with Hostess Katarina Leigh Waters, Reversible cover Art, and finally the original Theatrical Trailer.