Five More Gems Still Not on DVD, Blu-Ray, or 4K UHD

While Studios are once again repackaging John Hughes movies in to yet another compilation Blu-Ray, and re-releasing “Grease” for the umpteenth time, there are still a laundry list of movies that have only ever been released on VHS and Laserdisc. Continuing from the last list, here are five more movies that deserve a Deluxe Physical release for collectors.

The Bikini Carwash Company 1 & 2 (1992, 1993)
One of the many staples of late night cable in the nineties, these Skinemax adult comedies have long been appreciated by cult movie buffs, but haven’t seen a proper release on Blu-Ray. Although they are technically on DVD, the respective releases are flimsy DVD-R’s, and the VHS will fetch you nearly a hundred bucks. The pair of adult comedies definitely deserves big time Blu-Ray treatments with new art, restored picture, and the like.
Suggested Distributor: Vinegar Syndrome

Night Eyes 1-4
Yet another fixture of Late Night Skinemax in the nineties, the “Night Eyes” series are admirably schlocky, sleazy, but fun skin flicks with a bang up cast. From Tanya Roberts, to Traci Lords, and Shannon and Tracy Tweed, “Night Eyes” watches like a long form Penthouse Magazine Letter. And that’s not particularly a bad thing, if you want to re-visit the good old days of cable TV while also drooling over Traci Lords. Aside from a VHS release, flimsy DVD ports, and imports, there’s never been a great re-release and restoration on Blu-Ray.
Suggested Distributor: Vinegar Syndrome

Beverly Hills Vamp (1988)
One of the many staples of late night cable and “USA Up All Night,” this horror comedy has gone mostly overlooked for years. Starring cult icon Eddie Deezen (“Grease,” “Laserblast”), this cheesy horror comedy pits nerds against a bevy of buxom vampires. Fred Olen Ray’s horror comedy is good late eighties schlock and should definitely be unleashed for a new generation of horror geeks that enjoy this kind of horror entertainment.
Suggested Distributor: Arrow Video

Revolution (1968)
Jack O’Connell’s documentary has yet to be on home media format, which is a shame, as it’s a valuable time capsule of the sixties. While it doesn’t build a idyllic picture of the hippies from the decade like most films, it does offer interesting insight in to the lifestyle. O’Connell visits rock clubs, touches upon the rapid popularity of LSD, and centers most of its run tine on hippy Today Malone. Malone is a gorgeous young girl who wiles her days away taking drugs and begging on the streets. It’s a riveting documentary despite its sub-par production quality, and deserves restoration.
Suggested Distributor: AFGA (American Genre Film Archive)

The Haunted (1991)
With sixteen (!) movies having been made loosely based around the concept of “Amityville,” studios don’t seem to be getting tired with milking one of the most overblown American folkore tales ever produced. Meanwhile still sitting in limbo never seeing a VHS or DVD release, the infinitely creeper “The Haunted” is still begging for a deluxe blu-ray edition. It has everything, a creepy tale, Jeffrey DeMunn, Sally Kirkland, and hell with appearances by ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren in the movie, the release could even bank off of “The Conjuring” movie series clout. What’s most important though is this very creepy supernatural drama has yet to be re-released and restored, and that’s tragic.
Suggested Distributor: Shout! Select or Olive Films