Five Gems Still Not on DVD, Blu-Ray, or 4K UHD

With many calling the death of physical media and some studios switching over to streaming for some of their titles, the market for collectors is as interesting as ever. What with the theaters closing, studios are rushing to release a lot of their films on new formats or present them in a new way for movie fans. Sadly there haven’t been a lot of really big unveilings in terms of titles unleashed. Save for a few surprises here and there (“Rad,” “The Gate II,” “36.15 Code Père Noël”), it’s all more of the same ad nauseum (Do we really need yet another edition of “E.T.” or “Back to the Future”?) there are still so many movies out there that have yet to see a release on Blu-Ray, 4K UHD, and yes, even Standard DVD.

That said, these are five very good movies that deserve a home media release.

Meet the Applegates aka The Applegates (1990)
Man size sentient, anthropomorphic cockroaches from Brazil seek to escape predatory humans by turning in to humans (Ed Begley Jr., Stockard Channing, Camille Cooper, and Robert Jayne) and trying to mix in as a normal suburban family. It’s a silly concept, and it gives way to a movie that’s unpleasant, bizarre, and absolutely disgusting. Although not at all what I’d consider a classic, it’s screaming for a Blu-Ray release on Vinegar Syndrome. Since its release in 1990 it’s only ever seen a VHS and Laser Disc release, and pretty much nothing else. This has potential to be the next “Tammy and the T Rex.”
Suggested Distributor: Vinegar Syndrome

Stranded (1987)
A group of alien refugees being pursued by an assassin crash lands on a small farm run by a girl and her grandmother. Desperate for safety, the women agree to shelter them and help them fend off the ruthless killer. Things get even tougher when the local police force filled with trigger happy bigots gets wind of the disturbance, prompting them to arrive to muck things up. Filled with racial overtones, and some pretty great special effects, “Stranded” is an atmospheric and engaging sci-fi thriller that’s yet to see a DVD or Blu-Ray release. A movie this bizarre, entertaining, and downright exciting deserves to win over a new audience oblivious to its existence.
Suggested Distributor: Vestron Video Collector’s Series

Looking for Mr. Goodbar (1977)
Diane Keaton’s wonderful drama thriller has been on VHS and Laserdisc but not on DVD or Blu-Ray. That’s stunning considering the movie stars Diane Keaton at her best, along with supporting performances by very young Richard Gere and Tom Berenger. Keaton plays a woman who teaches deaf children by day, and by night seeks sexual adventure. She does so by cruising shady bars and picks up men for one nighters that becomes increasingly harrowing. Not only is “Looking for Mr. Goodbar” an engaging and engrossing drama thriller, but it features a climax that’ll haunt you for days.
Suggested Distributor: Criterion Collection

Sorority House Massacre III aka Hard to Die (1990)
Very hot women working in a skyscraper/lingerie shop are forced to stay overnight by their bosses to take stock of the inventory. While doing so they try on the skimpy lingerie, take showers together naked, and awaken a horrible demon during their work party. Ahh, the eighties. Forced to fend off the body jumping demon with a conveniently handy stock of assault rifles, they try to make it through the night, and keep the body count down. Also there’s a weird janitor that can’t die no matter what happens to him. It’s so much cheesy, trashy fun.
Suggested Distributor: Vestron Video Collector’s Series

I Was a Teenage Werewolf (1957)
The Michael Landon horror movie is shockingly not on any contemporary format, which is a shame considering Shout! recently releasing the “Teen Wolf” movies on deluxe Blu-Ray. “I Was a Teenage Werewolf” is a great teen oriented horror movie starring Landon as a young man with temper issues. After a visit with a scheming psychiatrist his inner primal urges emerge turning him in to a murderous werewolf. Landon’s role in the film was lived down over the course of his long career, but it’s still considered a cult classic that deserves a deluxe edition on Blu-Ray. Shout! could even include the MST3K episode as an extra feature.
Suggested Distributor: Scream Factory