Come True (2020) [BITS 2020]

While looking for a warm place to stay the night, a runaway finds a sleep study that she can participate in. Once signed up and started, things take a turn for the unusual.

Based on a story by Daniel Weissenberger, Come True is written and directed by Anthony Scott Burns. The film is one that is a slow slow burn in terms of the story, but also one that establishes an atmosphere quite early on. The story has some elements that feel familiar, but it has enough (read plenty) new ideas and executions of familiar themes to make it an original one with plenty to go around. The story will come off as slow as can be for a while during watching, but holding on and sticking with it does pay off. It’s the can of story that is all mood for a while and then things creep up to make the watch more than worthy of the time spend.

In the lead part, Julia Sarah Stone is captivating as she gives her character depth and nuance, making her someone the audience can connect with and care for. Her work here is what sells the whole movie. She is the central character and the main attraction here. There are other members to the cast of course and all so good work, but she’s the star here, the reason to watch. Her work takes the story, its elements, and makes it all make sense. If the story didn’t keep the attention, she would. This is all about her and she clearly knows how to grab the attention and never let go while never seeming needy of this attention.

Writer/director Anthony Scott Burns also handled the cinematography and part of the score, bringing to life a cohesive vision for the film that is often only possible by having one single person take charge of a lot of the aspects of a film. Here, his cinematography is beautiful and makes use of darkness in a way that is interesting and also allows for the viewer to see what is going on whether in the light or the darkness. His play with lighting and showing (or not showing) what is going on is something that adds to the story in a great way, creating mystery and releasing information when needed.

The score by Burns as well as Pilotpriest and Electric Youth has a moody feel throughout the film and makes the film dig into the mind of the viewer as it’s being watched. This score is something that could easily be listened to outside of the film and could still bring up all kinds of feelings and emotions. It’s a powerful score in that it works.

Come True is a slow burn of a film in a special way in that it’s really slow and it really takes its time to set things up and make people care about the characters, but it’s absolutely worth sticking with for the way things unfold and to be able to see Julia Sarah Stone’s careful performance.