Bleed With Me (2020) [BITS 2020]

After a friend takes her to a cabin for a few days, a woman starts feeling like the motives for taking her there may not be all about her well-being and for relaxation.

Written and directed by Amelia Moses, this feature debut has some interesting elements throughout the story, but does feel a bit like it loses steam in the second part, creating a feeling that perhaps, a medium length film may have been enough for this story. This is unfortunate as Moses shows tons of talent for story telling in her short film Undress Me and she shows here that she knows how to direct a powerful emotional scene. The story’s length is one that is playing against her here as the film feels long, it feels like some should have been cut out somewhere, but figuring out where is the trick here.

Given what is said above, the case does good work, really good work. This case is composed of three people total: Lee Marshall as Rowan, Lauren Beatty as Emily, and Aris Tyros as Brendan. Of course, even in a small cast like this, one performance comes up on top and that is the one given by Lee Marshall as Rowan. Her work here is calculated without looking like it is, she gives nuance a new interpretation and makes the film her own with every second she is on screen. As the lead, this gives the film weight and depth beyond what it may have been on the page. Her work gives the film its everything it seems.

The choice of a cabin in winter Quebec (shot in the Laurentians) is something that adds a sort of 4th character to the story. That cabin is something that anyone having spent time in the mountains of Quebec will be familiar with so it sets the film in that familiar territory of a weekend of relaxation and cold. The cold shows on screen here, the viewer can feel it through the images of cinematographer René Arseneau.

Bleed With Me is a film that takes a bit too much time to develop and get anywhere which is too bad as it has great ideas and fantastic performances. Unfortunately, it’s slowness does not help it for the most part and it takes a film made with talent and creates a film that loses attention more than once. Thankfully, it’s easy to get back in to the story and get something entertaining out of it.