The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot about Halloween! (2016)

I had absolutely no idea that the Cat in the Hat had his own animated series on television in America. He was always my favorite troublemaker in the Seuss universe.. The studios have been mining Seuss tales for years for new material and have given us is that wretched live action movie. This time around the animated adventure of the cast and his pals learn about the meaning of Halloween.

The cat in the Hat teams up with the children Sally and Nick, who go on adventures (with mom’s permission) in learning with The Cat in the Hat and his pal, Fish, via a magical device called the Thinga-ma-jigger. Along the way, they are also assisted by The Cat’s helpers, Thing One and Thing Two, which would usually say bad words.

“The Cat in the Hat…” is an especially fun and sweet dedication to Halloween where he teaches his young charges about its magic, Episode one includes the Cat taking the kids on an adventure through time and space to show them in various cultures to show how they celebrate the holiday an how they perceive masks. He also teaches them about confronting fears and precautions for safety during the holiday, including holding hands to stay\ safe.

Martin Short as the Cat in the Hat is as fun as ever in the role of the Cat in the Hat, and despite the sometimes rigid computer animation, the animated special holds true to the spirit of the books with enthusiastic voice work from the children, some great music, and fun but innocent comedy. This is the perfect Halloween treat for kids that are anxious about Halloween, and deserve to know the difference between artificial danger, and actual danger.