Get The Hell Out (2020)

Wang Yo-Wei works as a security guard at parliament and is regarded as a loser by others. One day during a Parliament session, as a fatal virus is spreading inside the parliament, the MPs are infected and become zombies. Strangely, Wang proves to be only one immune to the virus. Together with his girlfriend Xiong, they not only fight their way out but also save many lives.

This film by I.-Fan Wang is a bloody good time of a comedy with everything being cranked to 11, no matter what it is. This film is a full run of insanity that help rejuvenate the most overused sub-genre of the last few years by going full on balls to the wall with just about every aspect of story and on screen presence. The film is one of those that looks like yet another zombie movie with perhaps a touch of a political statement, but it’s that and just about everything else not expected. The film crams a ton in its runtime and makes it all make sense by the end. Of course, its frenetic pace requires full attention from the viewer to not miss too much, but even if a scene is missed here and there, there is plenty to catch up with as the film moves forward. It’s the kind of film that needs to be paid attention to so that it can be fully understood, but it’s also the kind of film that is easy to follow even when missing a bit or two. The story is important here, but the main attraction is the mayhem.

The cast does a fun job of selling the story and all the insanity they are put through, giving their characters personality and a lot of screen presence. The most notable performance of the film is possibly that of He-Hsuan Lin as a security guard pushed into politics as a deadly virus is unleashed on his town. This virus seems to be a bit like rabies and a whole lot like giant zombie mayhem. The film puts him through the wringer and he takes it and takes it, never breaking in how his character responds. His work is the one central to everything and he makes the film overall. The rest of the cast is good too and should not be ignored, but He-Hsuan Lin is the best of the bunch here.

The film has a style and look very much of its own, matching the mayhem of the action with plenty going on in each scene and adding writing and other aspects to it all. This makes Get The Hell Out an insane watch visually and one that helps bring the viewer in and immerse them into the story and all that is going on. This is an everything and kitchen sink type of film and the visuals work fabulously well with everything else.

Get The Hell Out is a whole lot of fun and makes for a great time watching it. This is the kind of film that should be watched with friends and really enjoyed at top volume with all its insanity on its sleeve.