You Cannot Kill David Arquette (2020) [Fantasia Festival 2020]

David Arquette wanting to make a return to wrestling decides to go about it in a much different way than his much disliked first foray in the entertainment sport.

This documentary by David Darg and Price James follows him from the time he gets an interest in returning to the sport and follows him through making contacts, learning, training, his victories in this personal quest as well as his losses. This is the kind of documentaries that doesn’t pull punches and shows everything, including things that do not make the star look good. As opposed to a lot of documentaries about stars and their projects, this one is not all about making Arquette look good, but about making him human. The team that follows him is there for the right reasons and it’s not something that feel exploitative or trashy. This is not reality television, it’s real life.

This documentary is the right kind of passion project and it shows how passionate David Arquette is in life and where he is coming from. It’s about more than just him of course, but he is the center of everything and his family and friends are open about their thoughts, positive or negative, regarding his seemingly crazy idea to get back into the ring. What this film does here is show how a man whose life has been highly publicized at times has a life no one knows about and is someone that could be anyone’s friend really. He’s the kind of guy who does things that give him life and who is all about his family, even when he doesn’t show it in the best of way. This whole project is something that anyone with any interest in people, actors, wrestling, and a bunch of other things should find satisfying. It should also turn just about anyone into a fan of David Arquette if they weren’t already.

On the technical front, the film is well shot with cinematography by David Darg and Price James and edited by Paul Rogers, this film comes together in a way that makes it easy to watch and not just for fans or Arquette or wrestling. Granted, there are some bits that will be harder to follow for those without any knowledge of wrestling, but a few questions to a friend or quick web search should help fix that.

You Cannot Kill David Arquette is a must-see documentary for fans and non-fans of the man. There is something in here for everyone and it’s one of those rare documentaries that is not afraid to really show the bad sides of their subject, celebrity or not.

The Fantasia International Film Festival runs every year, and this year runs virtually from August 20th until September 2nd.