State of the Cinema Crazed 2020

I once got in to an argument with a guy who explained that art is pointless and wholly inessential, especially in a modern society. This was a guy who played video games, by the way. For past eight months I think it’s become apparent to just about everyone that we need art now more than ever. Most of us are troubled with the ideas of what tomorrow is going to bring us, and one of the few remaining doorways in to escaping the reality and weight of our current situation has been art. I think since January we’ve all realized how much we sorely need art, and how much we take it for granted.

With everything slowing down to a halt eventually people going in the entertainment industry are going to eventually run dry and just try new things. Some may be a success (The Return of Drive-In Theaters!) and some an absolute flop. In either case, since Quarantine started I made an effort to not inject the COVID-19 news in to the site, so it could remain a sanctuary for movie fans. But, as always, life creeps in whether you want it to or not, and for a good two weeks the trio of the contributing staff took a hiatus to deal with real life during COVID.

With us back, now, it’s time to address some questions we’ve been receiving from readers and supporters:

  • We’re not bringing new writers as I don’t financially compensate right now, and I don’t feel right asking for work for free. If you really want to help us out, feel free to either donate to our Paypal, or buy one of the books released by Yours Truly, a few years ago, or By Phil Hall which was nominated for Rondos.
  • Recommend Cinema Crazed to your filmmaker friends and keep us in mind when you have a film that needs coverage. We’re busy but we’ll get to your film, and we’re open to friendly email nudges asking us to review your movie if we’ve had it more than three months.
  • Finally, in keeping with the final request for number one: Support artists. There are so many wonderful artists out there anxious to sell their work and you can help them. Go online and buy from artists and support them, and if you can’t buy their stuff: promote them on social media. I do it all the time on Instagram and Twitter and it goes a long way.

As for the future of Cinema Crazed, we’re not going anywhere for a long while.

Halloween Horror Month is currently in the planning stages and we’re bringing it to you even in such a crappy god awful year as 2020. We’re also not updating a whole lot currently, as we’re working on coverage for the month of October.

Yet again we’re covering movies for Fantasia Film Fest, we’ll be bringing the reviews in a few days or so once the festival gets rolling on line. For now we ask for patience, understanding and consideration. Also don’t be afraid to hit any of us up and make friends. We like friends.

2020’s been awful for just about everyone, but despite our differences we hope we can make it through together. Be kind, be thoughtful. It doesn’t take a lot effort to be nice to people. I hope you’ll continue following Cinema Crazed, because you helped make us a success. Thank you. Thank you very much.