Survivorz (2017)

The independent film circuit isn’t exactly lighting the world on fire with their zombie horror fare lately. That’s a shame too considering there are so many bright voices out there that could re-invent the formula, and deliver something massive. “Survivorz” is low budget, routine, mediocre, repetitive zombie apocalypse fodder that feels like a dull video game, and never quite takes advantage of its setting. It’s set in London England but that’s really all the movie has to offer in the way of change of scenery.

After an accident in space, meteors crash in to Earth spreading infectious radiation around London. The victims of the fallout from the crash turn in to flesh eating zombies, wreaking havoc. While vacationing in London, five American friends and an English waitress flee the city, and head for the country side. Along the way their numbers begin to dwindle as the zombie count rises by the hour. Tudley James’ horror thriller doesn’t break the mold or re-invent the whole formula. It’s basically just the same old survivors running through various environments and trying to live another day. There isn’t any real emphasis on characters, nor a single decent sub-plot, which is a shame considering the characters are pretty charming and clever when they have to be.

Director James sticks to environments that are within the budget, confining his characters to back alleys, abandoned buildings and vacant lots. Although the intended effect is obvious, James derives at the very least some clever zombie gags here and there. I especially liked the scene in the elevator. That said, Tudley James’ movie is really just a lot of running, hiding, evading zombies, battling zombies, and nothing else. You’d assume James would eventually slow the pacing to explore his characters, but there’s almost nothing of substance, especially the budding romance between the British waitress and American tourist Jim.

There’s nothing wrong with a zombie action movie but there just isn’t anyone here that feels like an actual character, thus it’s tough to root for anyone or mourn when someone dies. I was also never sure what the whole premise entailed, either. Are the zombies flesh eaters or just rabid mutants? And if the sun is causing everyone to turn, wouldn’t the characters do everything possible to stay in doors rather than pursue locales like an open roof top, or church balcony? And where were the characters all headed if not the airport? What was the plan? Finally, what the hell did that ridiculously abrupt climax even imply? “Survivorz” is middling zombie movie fare, one you can skip as it doesn’t really offer you anything you can’t find with the other dozens of random low budget zombie movies out there, at the moment.