TV on DVD: Arrow: The Complete Seventh Season [Blu-Ray/Digital]/The Flash: The Complete Fifth Season [Blu-Ray/Digital]

The “Arrow” series finally comes to its natural peak as season seven loosely adapts Green Arrow’s iconic comic storyline “Super Max.” Once optioned for a movie and basically in development hell for years, “Arrow” realizes the narrative for a full season arc. After Oliver Queen is finally pushed in to a corner in season six he’s forced to out himself as the Arrow for all of Star city. In season seven he’s jailed in Maximum Security and forced to confront all of the criminals he’s put away since he arrived, prompting some tense unfolding of events.

Meanwhile Team Arrow has to work without their leader, prompting the group to stop a potentially disastrous event. All the while there’s the revelation of a brand new archer dubbed “The New Green Arrow” that could either be friend or foe, and the team rushes to find out their identity, while hoping to get them to help save Star City. “Arrow” hasn’t gotten any better since its soft reboot a few years ago, but at the very least it seems to be changing the formula finally as it draws to a close next year. Along with writing out a few characters, Emily Bett Richards also exits the show.

Her role as character Felicity Smoake has been a subject of controversy for many fans. Some viewed her increased role in the series as the downfall of a once entertaining crime show, while others have cheered on the ever growing team of Felicity and Oliver as on again off again lovers, and vigilantes.

Season Seven also flashes forward in to time rather than back, allowing for a bigger and vaster scope for the season arc. While the series hasn’t been great, it’s managed to dig itself out of the doldrums quite successfully. Here’s hoping the series goes out with a bang.

The release from Warner comes with the original episodes on four discs and a digital copy of every episode. Disc 1 includes a minute of Deleted Scenes, and the hour long “Best of DC TV’s Comic-Con Panels San Diego 2018” which features footage of all DC TV super hero show panels that are introduced by some autograph session footage and some back stage interviews.

Disc 2 features more deleted scenes and the forty five minute “Inside the Crossover: Elseworlds” a round table discussion with all the DC TV shows’ creators discussing the big crossover event that spanned most of the series from the Arrowverse. It also features some interviews and thoughts from a few comic creators and writers (Included familiar faces from the DCAU).

Disc 3 garners six minutes of Deleted Scenes, and the thirty eight minute “Villains: Modes of Persuasion” a very good mini documentary on the history and psychology of the legendary and rich history of DC villains. Showrunners, producers, writers and more offer insight to discuss the DC shows. Disc 4 includes more Deleted Scenes, and finally a four minute Gag Reel.

“The Flash: The Complete Fifth Season” includes a new direction after the somewhat mixed season four. After defeating the megalomaniacal genius Devoe, Flash and Iris are stunned when they realize they’ve been helped by a mysterious purple female speedster named XS. She throws Team Flash for a loop when she reveals herself to be Nora, the future daughter of Barry and Iris who is in dire need of their help. As Iris and Barry try to help Nora get back in to her time, the team is faced with a mysterious meta-human serial killer known as Cicada.

The masked maniac begins slaughtering various meta-humans that have crossed Team Flash, and when he nearly murders Cisco, they scramble to figure out how to beat him. Season Five of “The Flash” is scattered and flawed, but it’s helped by sticking to what works and adding another whole new twist to the series. Rather than another evil speedster, Iris and Barry have to find out how to bring their daughter home, while also bonding with her.

Jessica Parker Kennedy is a great addition to the series playing the enigmatic and enthusiastic Nora who delights in being a speedster and takes advantage of her circumstances, using the time to spend with her father Barry, who she claims she never really knew as a child. Kennedy has a palpable chemistry with the entire cast, and she pulls off the role of XS quite well.

She’s worthy of her own spin off at times. While the fifth season isn’t a complete home run, the way it swerves through various plot twists make it quite compelling at times. I’m very disappointed Carlos Valdes is leaving “The Flash” as he’s been consistently great as underdog superhero Vibe.

The new season from Warner comes with all the episodes on four discs, and a digital copy with all episodes included. Disc 1 features nine minutes of Deleted Scenes. There’s also the eleven minute “The Evolution of Killer Frost” featuring Danielle Panabaker who, along with the show’s producers, go over the character’s evolution, alterations from the comics and where they wanted to direct her and explore the character in Season 5.

“Best of DC TV’s Comic-Con Panels San Diego 2018” is an hour long look at the DC TV super hero show panels. Disc 2 garners three minutes of Deleted Scenes, and “Inside the Crossover: Elseworlds” a forty five minute round table discussing the big crossover. Disc 3 includes eleven minutes of Deleted Scenes, and the thirty eight minute “Villains: Modes of Persuasion.” Finally, Disc 4 includes eight minutes of Deleted Scenes and an eight minute Gag Reel.