5 More Great Minority Movie Heroes

As we’ve learned over the last few years, representation means a lot and Hollywood is finally catching on to that fact. Minorities and People of Color are no longer gangsters, criminals and thugs. They’re now the everyman hero, the good guys, and yes, even the blockbuster superheroes. With “Dora and the Lost City of Gold” and “Hobbs and Shaw” out in theaters now, I thought it’d be a great time to continue the list of Great Minority Movie Heroes.

Rafael Olvera – The Curse of La Llorona
Whether you liked “The Curse of La Llorona” or not, there’s no doubt that it was a solid spin off with a great latinx hero in the form of Rafael Olvera. Olvera is very much in the league of the Warrens in that he’s a believer of the faith but an ex-priest. With mom Anna has an impossible time warding off and fighting La Llorona, Rafael jumps in to combat the powerful and clever demon. With the help of his faith and his knowledge of magic, he’s able to prove quite a match for the entity and in the end helps the family live to see another day. I hope he returns to the “Conjuring” movie series very soon, I think he deserves his own movie.

Dave and Luis – Ant-Man, Ant-Man & The Wasp
Dave and Luis started out as convicts that spent most of their time trying to make ends meet by committing half baked heists. Whether by fate or not, Dave and Luis eventually become two of the best underdog heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While everyone with super powers and high tech machinery are off fighting tyrants, Dave and Luis are there doing the smaller work and helping out in ways they’re not yet aware of. What’s better is Luis realizes in the end of “Ant-Man” that he’s now a hero. He loves it and he embraces it.

Captain Steven Hiller – Independence Day
Steven Hiller is one of the banner heroes of “Independence Day” who managed to add a lot to the hero roster and took so much when he failed to show up in the sequel. Not that anything would have saved that film, but I digress. Steven Hiller is a pilot with dreams of getting in to NASA who has to take on an armada of aliens, and is lucky enough to survive a skirmish with one. By luck he comes in contact with the president and is allowed to infiltrate the mother ship thanks to his help. Hiller is an underdog hero worth rooting for and cuts the aliens off at every path with his tough as nails attitude and cunning.

The Cortez Clan – Spy Kids Movie Series
The “Spy Kids” features a prominently Hispanic clan of spies and adventurers all of whom manage to save the world time and time again. It’s too bad there wasn’t too much opportunities for spin off or whatnot, as Robert Rodriguez’s series still has some potential. The Cortez Clan are a lovable and admirable group of crime fighting secret agents, all of whom step up to defend mankind when no one else has the guts to. It’s tough to dislike any character here as they’re all so heroic, courageous and fun to root for.

Zorro – The Zorro Series
Zorro has been a great and almost immortal big screen hero since the silent film era and has been played by some of the biggest actors of their generation. We’re due another reboot of the Zorro legend, but it’s tough to find a bad Zorro movie. One of the many influences of Batman, Zorro is Don Diego De La Vega, an aristocrat who fights crime with his trusty horse and fencing skills fighting corruption in his town and bringing down crooked politicians and criminals. “The Mask of Zorro” from 1998 is one of m favorite iterations of the character, as we’re given a gem of a revenge tale, that’s also a raucous adventure romance that was tough to top. I hope Zorro returns to the big screen again very soon.