Cinema Crazed’s 2019 Summer Movie Gift Guide

Every year we’re given some titles to promote for our readers, and we come across some new releases that might make the summer season a bit easier to endure. These are some releases for every movie fan to look out for. And remember that every time you buy through us, you help Cinema Crazed.

The 4K Batman Movie Anthology – Warner Bros.
The movie series that almost killed the comic book movie, the Batman anthology is now in 4K as Warner asks you to buy the whole series once again. The anthology is now available in box set form, and in individual releases. You know, just in case you want to re-visit Tim Burton’s “Batman” and “Batman Returns” while sparing yourself the dullness of “Batman Forever” and the hideous camp of “Batman and Robin.” The “Batman” movie is also available in a Steelbook form. Warner Bros. knows Batman brings out the dough and they’re taking full advantage on the thirtieth anniversary of Tim Burton’s classic.

BoJack Horseman: Seasons One & Two – Shout! Factory
From Netflix, the shockingly funny and intelligent Hollywood satire is available on Blu-Ray with the complete first two seasons available for re-watching and re-watching. Obviously while stoned. Truthfully “Bojack Horseman” is an addictive, incredibly funny series with the past his prime Bojack Horseman looking for a big Hollywood comeback. Along the way, the writers bring Hollywood through the wringer, poking fun at everything from obnoxious child actors, to drug abuse. If you love unconventional comedy, this is a series you have to see. You’ll thank us.

Excess Baggage – Retro VHS ’90s Style – Mill Creek Entertainment
Mill Creek has been re-releasing a lot of their titles in the classic VHS retro style that is so in vogue with movie collectors. If you fancy yourself that kind of VHS collector, the art for this re-packaging is pretty nifty. That is if you don’t care about stuff like special features, and bells and whistles, and all that. The 1997 crime comedy features Alicia Silverstone in her prime starring alongside and Benicio Del Toro before he became a big star. Can you believe there was a time where Silverstone took top billing over Benicio Del Toro?

The Hulk 4K Ultra HD – Universal Pictures Home Entertainment
With Marvel steering the way we look at comic book movies with bright, colorful adventure films that are also adult and complex, it’s time people gave Ang Lee’s “The Hulk” a second look. Intelligent, cerebral, complex, engaging, and exciting, “The Hulk” tackles the idea of childhood trauma, child abuse, and the lasting effects of familial dysfunction, all the while boasting a marvelous cast of folks like Josh Lucas, Nick Nolte, Sam Elliott, Jennifer Connelly as the quintessential Betty Ross, while Eric Bana is criminally underrated as Bruce Banner. Give it a second shot, wouldja please? It’s damn good.

Inglourious Basterds 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Gift Set – Universal Pictures Home Entertainment
With Quentin Tarantino releasing his highly anticipated “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” this year, Universal takes advantage with a new release of “Inglourious Basterds.” The 10th Anniversary Gift Set comes packed with playing cards, post cards, character cards, a digital copy, and a full booklet. You also have the benefit of re-watching one of Tarantino’s masterpieces, a revisionist tale of a group of Jewish soldiers that delight in smashing Nazi skull, and carving their swastikas in to their foreheads. Ten years later, Christoph Walz and Brad Pitt are as excellent as ever. 

The New Scooby-Doo Movies: The (Almost) Complete Collection – Warner Bros.
The New Scooby Doo Movies collection features the Scooby gang at their best, and I say that as someone who never liked this series. I used to watch the movies all the time, though, as they were fun, great time killers, and proved that the premise for the Hanna Barbera series worked better with a longer format. Among the guest spots there are the Three Stooges, Batman and Robin, and Mama Cass to name a few. They even cross paths with the series they inspired “Josie and the Pussycats,” and “Speed Buggy”! I look forward to the further releases with folks like Dick Van Dyke, and The Addams Family.

Night Of The Creeps: Collector’s Edition – Shout! Factory
After years out of print and hard to find, Shout! Factory re-releases Fred Dekker’s eighties horror comedy with an impressive deluxe edition. Along with some excellent new extras including new interviews, and an extensive interview with famed character actor Tom Atkins, this edition also features both cuts of “Night of the Creeps,” the theatrical cut and the director’s cut, the latter of which was often only shown on television. If you grew up with the theatrical cut of “Night of the Creeps,” the director’s cut ending is a vast improvement and one that I always get a kick out of. “Night of the Creeps” is still a fun, funny, and creepy horror comedy with some great grue, and is endlessly quotable. 

The Trigger Effect/Body Count: Double Feature – Mill Creek Entertainment
One of the many discount double feature Blu-Rays from Mill Creek, this pack includes two action thrillers from the nineties. “The Trigger Effect” chronicles the break down of society after a major power failure, while “Body Count” centers on a group of professional thieves, all of whom are on the run from authorities after a botched heist. Both films include impressive performers like Kyle MacLachlan, Elizabeth Shue, Dermot Mulroney, David Caruso, Linda Fiorentino, John Leguizamo, Ving Rhames, and Forest Whitaker, respectively.