Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987) [Blu-Ray/Digital]

After years on the market being pretty hard to find Mill Creek Entertainment are making many of the films from director Andy Sidaris available on Blu-Ray. That may be a good thing to some, and an awful thing to others. I’m right there in the middle, as Andy Sidaris’ films are somewhat similar to Russ Meyer’s. They’re cheaply made, exploitative, and pretty much just softcore porn, all with the vaguest facsimiles of a narrative that unfolds somewhere. And there’s an escaped killer snake, for some reason.

Two drug enforcement agents are killed on a private Hawaiian island. Busty beauties Donna and Taryn, two operatives for The Agency, accidentally intercept a delivery of diamonds intended for drug lord Seth Romero, who takes exception and tries to get them back. Soon other Agency operatives get involved, and a full-scale fight to the finish ensues. And there’s an escaped killer snake, for some reason.

1987’s “Hard Ticket to Hawaii” will click with some viewers that can appreciate the type of trash that Andy Sidaris slings. A lot of the film is shot in tropical locales, with gorgeous busty women and there’s a ton of sex scenes and nude shots that don’t mean much. It’s the epitome of goofy eighties nonsense but also action cheese that works for a good laughs and some beers. Sidaris reveled in a lot of his favorite fetishes with most of his movies, so there’s an abundance of blow dried hair, tanned taut bodies, busty women, big guns, and a lot of pointless blood shed. For all intents and purposes Donna Speir and Hope Marie Carlton are adequate in their roles, playing the quintessential Andy Sidaris femme fatale/heroines.

And all things considered it’s fun trying to watch them squeeze out stilted dialogue amidst all the gun fire and explosions. There’s also an escaped killer snake, for some reason. Your mileage may vary with Andy Sidaris, but for cheap, exploitative, adult schlock, you might have a good time with “Hard Ticket to Hawaii.” I think it’s a good diversion when I just want to revel in pure eighties cult junk food.

The edition from Mill Creek features a Digital Code for the digital copy for the purchaser. As with all of Sidaris’ films, there’s an introduction by Andy Sidaris who discusses his film, along with the help of busty Amazonian beauty Julie Strain at his side. There’s an audio commentary with director Andy Sidaris and his wife Arlene, both whom discuss the film in great detail. Here they talk shooting locations, technical details, cast, characters and the title sequence.

As well, there’s a look at the humor and other elements. This is a good commentary for fans, despite occasional repetition. There’s a thirty six minute Behind the Scenes segment with a look at Sidaris’ method of filmmaking. There’s also some interviews with the cast, clips, Sidaris’ other properties, and a candid look at footage of Julie Strain preparing for a photo shoot at Sidaris’ home. Finally, there’s a trailer reel for Sidaris’ “Malibu Bay” films including Malibu Express, Hard Ticket to Hawaii, Picasso Trigger, Savage Beach, Guns, Do Or Die, Hard Hunted, and more.