Queens of Scream – Triple Feature [Blu-Ray/DVD]

For horror fans looking for another value pack of horror movies, Mill Creek Entertainment is repackaging some of their more notable titles in to a Triple Feature on Blu-Ray. For folks looking to increase their horror movie collection and save money, this is the perfect launch pad with some up to date formats. This Trio of films come on Blu-Ray and DVD, for folks that still collect and or use the latter format.

Featured is “Vacancy,” the 2007 horror thriller starring Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale. They play a couple who end up at a motel for the night and realize they are being taped. Now forced to fight for their lives, they have to figure a way out before they become a part of the snuff films that the motel stores. The Nimród Antal has a small fan base and is a solid little chiller with some great tension. Loosely (loosely) based on the original novel, 1997’s “I Know What You Did Last Summer” is a strong slasher film that stars a who’s who of teen actors from the nineties like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Freddie Prinze Jr.

When they accidentally hit someone on the road during a night a partying, four friends dispose of the body and make a pact to never speak of it again. A year later, someone begins taunting them about the secret they kept from the previous summer. Now with the body count rising, young Julie has to stop the hook wielding murderer out for vengeance. Jim Gillespie’s slasher has aged quite since its release, and it’s a good entry in the sub-genre. Last, and certainly least, 2006’s “When a Stranger Calls” is a vapid remake of the original Carol Kane classic thriller starring Camilla Belle.

Playing a babysitter tasked with caring for two children, she begins to get taunted by a mysterious caller who turns her boring night in to a fight for survival. Dull, and silly, this remake is absolutely forgettable. The films lack any kind of special features, sadly.