The Body Corporate (2018) [Final Girls Berlin Film Festival]

“Midnight Movies” Shorts Block

I can’t say that I would recommend Stepanka Cervinkova’s dystopian horror film per se, but I appreciated the message behind it, and I liked its energy. I also loved the special effects as they garnered the right amount of yuck factor. The big problem with “The Body Corporate” is its sheer confused tone, but otherwise director Cervinkova is at least a good director with a neat concept.

During a mediation meeting at her corporation, Jennifer is anxious to be taken seriously by her perverted boss. Spending most of his time partying and objectifying assistant Anne, he insists Jennifer learn how to play along with him. While in the bathroom, Julie and Anne have a pow wow and realize the answer to their problem is by taking back ownership of their bodies–literally.

Especially since the corporation stipulates that it can continue owning and running its workers even after they’ve died, no matter how much they fall apart. Stepanka Cervinkova’s short works at being grotesque and disgusting, with a nice bit of revenge doled out in the climax. It needs a more balanced grasp on the atmosphere and editing, but all things considered, I appreciated “The Body Corporate.”

The Final Girls Berlin Film Festival runs every year from January 31st to February 3rd.