Silhouettes (2018) [Final Girls Berlin Film Festival]

“Growing Pains” Shorts Block

Sadly, while I had high hopes for “Silhouettes,” I didn’t particularly love it. I think director Sarah Brill has a lot of potential as a filmmaker and I loved the tension leading in to the climax. That said, everything else is kind of routine and dull, while the film itself is in dire need of tighter editing.

Emily just moved in to the neighborhood and is a bit weird. When young Jackie’s mother forces her to engage in a play date, the two form a bond almost immediately. Meanwhile, Jackie’s mother Susan is surprised when she learns Emily’s shady past, and gets to know her brutally controlling, militantly religious grandmother. “Silhouettes” is a movie with a message about tolerance and learning to respect others’ boundaries and accept that they might be just a bit peculiar. It’s a cautionary tale badly in need of some nipping and tucking, as well as slightly better direction with the young cast.

I was also never too sure what the climax was supposed to indicate, if anything, especially when the narrative resolves itself with one final shot meant to confirm how everything ended. The sad thing is I was never too sure what was going on beyond Emily and her grandmother’s situation, and even then it’s played for ambiguity. So I was more confused when the credits rolled more than frightened or satisfied. I think there’s a great film hidden somewhere in the seams of the script.

The Final Girls Berlin Film Festival runs every year from January 31st to February 3rd.