Road Trash (2018) [Final Girls Berlin Film Festival]

“Midnight Movies” Shorts Block

Director Natasha Pascetta’s short horror film has a lot going for it, particularly the narration by the one and only Heather Langenkamp. Beyond that there isn’t a lot of substance behind the plot for “Road Trash” and it’s more of a word of caution about good intentions and how they can lead to our demise, but it’s all so abrupt and quickly paced, that the main character’s fate feels kind of mean spirited.

Pascetta plays Alice a young girl who roams around her town scooping up road kill and dead animals and allowing them proper burials. It’s more than a hobby and actually a passion for her. But one day when she decides to bury a peculiar skeleton she finds on the side of the road, the skeleton turns out to belong to a werewolf. When the werewolf is resurrected, it begins to stalk her around the town.

For all intents and purposes Natasha Pascetta’s “Road Trash” is beautifully directed, with Paschetta deriving a great mood and visual aesthetic most of the time. I also enjoyed the wry tongue in cheek narration from Heather Langenkamp when all was said and done. I can’t say I loved “Road Trash” thanks to the big twist in the climax which felt completely out of left field to me. But I would encourage open minded viewers to check it out mainly for its whimsical twisted mood, and some good old fashioned creature effects.

The Final Girls Berlin Film Festival runs every year from January 31st to February 3rd.