My Monster (2018) (Final Girls Berlin Film Festival)

“Tainted Love” Shorts Block

I love the whole plot twist that ensues in the middle of “My Monster,” a short film basically about finding the right mate, and them showing up when they least suspect it. Brea Grant is always a pleasure to see pop up in these genre pictures, and she’s great in Izzy Lee’s holiday set fractured love tale.

Set during Christmas, Grant plays Lily, a young woman who puts up with a rude lunk headed boyfriend. She’s been losing sleep claiming she’s being visited every night by a creature that calls out to her and despite insisting she’s been hearing her named called out, her boyfriend insists she’s merely paranoid. One night when she spots a hooded creature standing outside her house, she and her boyfriend are surprised when the monster shows up at their door chanting her name with mysterious motives.

The make up effects and creature make up are great and the Lee’s short horror film is very witty and clever, especially once we gain a better understanding of the villain (Steve Johanson is great, even underneath all the make up) when Lily literally confronts it wondering why it’s harassing her. The surprise ending paired with the hilarious message about compatibility is pretty funny, and director Izzy Lee creates what is a creepy, but very comical tale. Plus, it’s impossible to dislike Brea Grant.

The Final Girls Berlin Film Festival runs every year from January 31st to February 3rd.