Mothering (2018) [Slamdance Film Festival 2019]

There are those short films that you go in to, and when they’re done, you wish they could have been so much longer. Lucy Bridger’s drama about a young girl name Mia (Sapphire Paine) who learns to live with a new foster family is subtle, sweet, touching, and actually quite excellent. I would have to see director Bridger adapt this in to a full length film someday very soon.

Much of “Mothering” explores the small but difficult steps foster children have to endure, and while there’s nothing very dramatic in “Mothering” that unfolds, it’s a big challenge for Mia. The final half is everything, as Mia awakens to a situation that allows her to feel somewhat at home, whether she realizes it or not. The final scene involving a bowl of Custard speaks volumes about what Mia has been through in her life.

She’s obviously a girl who has seen so much and has experienced very little love, and perhaps that fleeting moment of making home made custard was an experience of peace and affection she’d never experienced. Maybe she’s realizing she finally has a home, or maybe it’s the uncertainty of her future that affects her. Either way it’s a gripping end to an excellent drama. I hope Lucy Bridger expands on this and explores Mia’s relationship with her new foster family, if you ever cross paths with “Mothering” I strongly recommend it.

The Slamdance Film Festival runs every year from January 25th to January 31st.