Tungrus (2018) [Slamdance Film Festival 2019]

Documentary Shorts Block

 “Tungrus” is a short documentary that you’ll likely never see anywhere else. It’s a documentary about family, about living in confined spaces, and yes, it explores the idea that the possible to answer to a problem is eating the family pet. No seriously. “Tungrus” centers on the large Bharde Family, in Mumbai that lives in a cramped apartment with one another and their pets. After the father brings home a baby chick, the chick manages to survive and grow in to a large rooster.

Soon enough the rooster not only has grown among the family cats, but it’s also managed to basically dominate the human members of the Bharde Family, and has even taken to eating most foods, including chicken. “Tungrus” is a message deep down about how some animals just can not be house pets, regardless of the good intentions. Farm animals belong on farms, and wild animals belong in the wild.

The entire premise of the documentary short is approached with a dark sense of humor, showing scenes of the rooster tormenting the family, and bothering the other animals. Eventually it all boils down to if the family wants to get rid of their rooster or maybe not waste anything and just eat their bothersome fowl as a means of putting a final sense of use in its long life. It’s hard to imagine what decision The Bharde Family will eventually reach, but in the end, it’s a funny look at an odd situation that might not end wrapped up in a neat bow.

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