Slip Road (2018)

“Department of Anarchy” Short Block

 A lot of “Slip Road” is left to the viewer to interpret and for a short form film, and I don’t mind saying that it can be a bit of a task. “Slip Road” is beautifully filmed, along with some striking visuals, I just would have loved a tad more information so we can come to a conclusion and appreciate the overall journey without spending most of the run time trying to put the pieces together.

In either case, “Slip Road” sets down on a man driving in the middle of the night, who stops in the middle of the road when events unfold. “Slip Road” is a fascinating journey in to darkness and another realm. Played without dialogue at all, “Slip Road” is very reliant on facial expressions and reaction shots, and there are some great moments of our main character drifting from one world in to another.

I interpreted the film likely as our protagonist either descending in to death, or making a deal with death to perhaps gain another form of existence that doesn’t involve dying. While it’s never completely verified in the climax, I quite loved a lot of the imagery director Raphael Dubois invokes, from the shadowy roads, vibrant fires, and ghoulish antagonist who seems to be taunting the main character. I’d love to see what director Dubois can do with the horror genre down the line.

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