Teen Titans Go! to the Movies (2018) [Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital]

I’ve come to terms with “Teen Titans Go!” and I’ve especially come to accept it thanks to the shockingly good feature film. If there was ever a time where the superhero movie genre was ripe for parody and satire it’s 2018, and “Teen Titans Go! to the Movies” manages to do it better than anyone else. For everyone that’s come before, attempting to mock the whole appeal of the sub-genre, “Teen Titans Go!” captures the whole appeal and absurdity of the superhero movie and the superhero mythology as a whole. It also manages to cater to the hardcore comic book buffs in the audience, inspiring some great laughs from obscure references.

While “Teen Titans Go! to the Movies” is essentially for the preteen and child audience, it also succeeds in skewering the entire superhero movie hooplah, tapping in to the pulse of the whole hype. There are so many jokes and pokes at superhero movies, from Batman, to Superman, right up to Marvel. You’d think DC and Warner would exclusively bash other studios, but “Teen Titans Go! to the Movies” knocks just about everyone down a peg or two. While I love the whole superhero movie boom, “Teen Titans Go! to the Movies” managed to inspire some good laughter out of me. I loved the whole way the writers offer a meta approach to this universe where the Teen Titans can only find true fame in their heroism if they can wrangle a movie out of the studios.

Sure the target audience will love the goofy animation and fun musical numbers, but there is also some prime comic book nods that the fan boys and fan girls will love. There’s a hilarious knock on Batman movies, and a reference to the Challengers of the Unknown. For good measure, Nic Cage even appears as Superman, wink wink nudge nudge. The entire returns for the movie, with some funs additions like Kristen Bell, Jimmy Kimmel as Batman, and Will Arnett who is memorable as the villainous Slade. While I’m not at all a fan of “Teen Titans Go!” the feature film debut is a fun satire that takes the piss out of the superhero movie boom of the mid-aughts. I’m anxious to see what will become of the big Easter egg in the finale.

The release of “Teen Titans Go! to the Movies” comes with a DVD copy and a digital copy of the film. There’s a music video from Lil Yachty called “Go!” as well as a trio of Silkie Sing Alongs entitled “Rap,” “Inspirational Song,” and “My Super Hero Movie.” There’s the cartoon short “DC Super Hero Girls: The Late Batsby,” which is a different style and format from the movie, and “Red Carpet Mayhem” a two minute ort where the Titans discuss the movie on the red carpet. “Teen Titans GO!: WB Lot Shenanigans” is a four minute comedy short where people in Teen Titans mascot outfits wander around the Warner lot causing havoc. “Everything Is Fake” is a cut minute long song from the movie with storyboards. “Teen Titans GO!: Translated” is a two minute look at various scenes from the movie in different languages. Finally there are a pair of storyboard animatics entitled “Time Cycles,” and “The Final Battle.”