Help Me (2017)

I really enjoy what Louie Cortes is going for with “Help Me.” It’s a very short but sweet horror treat that I loved for its ability to take a twist and make it so fascinating that you want to know more. When the short was finished I lingered for a while on the ending, and I was definitely interested in the ultimate concept that invoked “Invaders from Mars.”

“Help Me” is set on Halloween night where Monica is about to take off after a wild Halloween party. Despite her friends’ insistence that she be accompanied home, Monica calls for a taxi and waits drunkenly on a street corner. Before long she awakens to hear the muttering of someone asking for help. When she goes to investigate, things get spooky. “Help Me” is a damn good and creative horror short with an ending that literally made me mutter: “Nice!”

There’s a lot of great plays on colors, shadows, and the idea of Monica’s state, so Cortes is very good at leaving the viewer to interpret for themselves what is unfolding before our eyes. Let alone Monica’s own eyes. Is it all one big drunken tirade or something a lot more paranormal? I’m fairly certain it’s all left up to our own interpretation, and I’m glad “Help Me” is a great enough short to provoke ideas and creative ambiguity. Cortes has potential and I hope we see more from him in the future.