The Death of Superman (2018) [Blu-Ray/4K UHD/Digital]

One of the most controversial and heavily disputed comic book events of all time is finally brought to the DC animation universe. It’ll probably also setting up potential movie go arounds for supporting characters within the “Superman: Doomsday” scope. I can imagine if the course is cleared, we could see some overdue attention paid to “Steel.” One can hope. In either case, “The Death of Superman” is pretty much a truncated version of the original mini-series, with a look at the massive event that brought DC to its knees and Superman to death.

In “The Death of Superman,” a rampaging unstoppable monster known as Doomsday tramples its way through civilization. Eventually reaching Metropolis, it squares off with the Justice League, all of whom rush to rescue the citizens. But when the beast proves too powerful, Superman has no choice but to step in. But when the beast might just end up being the death of him, Superman has to quickly come to terms with his own life or else humanity is likely doomed. “The Death of Superman” is a fairly loyal and very good take on the original miniseries, bringing together everyone from Superman’s team to fight the monster. I would have loved to see everyone including the Teen Tiatns, and perhaps even the Bat Family try and fail to assault Doomsday, but for what we’re given it’s a good time had.

The entire Justice League guest stars in the movie and gets their chance to fight the monster, but when Superman has to intervene, it takes on an entirely different tone. Once we see the way he lays waste to everyone from Batman, and Cyborg to Martian Manhumter, it becomes apparent Superman is not stepping away from this battle. The animation is stellar with some damn good action sequences, while the cast is top notch. There are turns from Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romjin, while we also get supporting turns by Rosario Dawson, and Rainn Wilson, who is very good as the megalomaniacal Lex Luthor. “The Death of Superman” is a top notch adaptation and it’s great to see one of my all time favorite comic book events brought to the small screen.

The release from Warner comes with a 4H UHD and Digital copy. The features include a nine minute sneak peek at the next DC Universe Animated movie “Reign of the Supermen.” Really I wish DC would have made the next movie about a world without Superman and how he influenced heroes in Metropolis, but “Reign of Supermen” is a good next step. The cast and crew for the upcoming movie discuss the story and how it explores the importance of Superman.

“The Death of Superman: The Brawl that Topped Them All” is a sixteen minute basic behind the scenes segment about the movie, and it also explores the original story, the idea behind what Superman was thinking during his final fight, and how the battle spanned four whole issues. Finally, from the DC Comics Vault there’s two part series finale of “Legion of Superheroes” set on the death of Superman.