Another WolfCop (2017) [Blu-Ray]

I’ve had a lot of time to think about Lowell Dean’s follow up to 2014’s “WolfCop,” and while I did love the original movie for its balls and unique premise, I can’t say I loved “Another…” Is it a poor follow up to the original? Absolutely not, but with the bigger budget and massive acclaim, it feels more like Dean forced a lot of the cult aspects, and has a tough time progressing the narrative of his hero Lou Garou. That said, “Another WolfCop” is still a fun cult movie romp that gets a nice blu-ray treatment for fans.

Set a year after the transformation of Lou Garou in to WolfCop, he’s now a lycanthrophic crime fighter who rides around his town fighting bad guys and ripping them to shreds as a—well—WolfCop. Despite stopping evil from hurting his town of Woodhaven, a new menace has introduced himself in the form of an entrepreneur named Swallows who’s purchased a new brewery. With the help of crooked mayor Bubba (Kevin Smith still can’t act), he hopes to take over the town, but WolfCop and his allies have something to say about that. “WolfCop” admittedly felt like lighting in a bottle, one of those rare instances where the stars aligned and we were granted a fun cult horror actioner. It’s hard to follow up that act, but “Another WolfCop” tries its damndest to offer up new gags and action for the audience.

It almost feels like Lowell Dean was taken off guard by the success of the original movie and once fans demanded a follow up, he kind of tacked on a bunch of sub-plots. “Another WolfCop” doesn’t have a lot of focus on its titular hero, but when it does center on WolfCop, it’s a fun and raucous action horror hybrid, with the wolf effects looking as great as ever. A lot of indie directors like to shroud their werewolves in darkness, or use a ton of CGI that looks awkward, but Lowell Dean knows he has a masterful design for his hero, and he flaunts it. WolfCop looks even better here than in the original film and Leo Fafard obviously has a great time in the skin of the monster. At a lean eighty minutes, you could do a lot worse than “Another WolfCop,” as Lowell Dean’s concept and Canada-centric film series is still a lot of fun, warts and all.

The Blu-Ray comes with “The Making of Another WolfCop,” a pretty basic segment for fans. “Friends and Foes: Meet the Cast” is a meet and greet with the whole cast of the movie. There’s also “The Monster Shop: Special FX” which explores the pretty excellent effects, including the wonderful creature effects for WolfCop. Finally there’s “Shoot of Die!: Surviving on the Set.”