Five Fun Ways to Prepare for “The Last Drive In” with Joe Bob Briggs

Friday the 13th, the Shudder streaming service is hosting a twenty four hour horror movie marathon with the one and only Joe Bob Briggs. Explained as his alleged last marathon and time on television, Joe Bob will take us through his classic format of unfiltered opinions, jokes, one-liners, and Drive-In Totals. But this time we’ll be submitted to some great horror films unedited, uncut, and in all of their glory. I for one intend to get in as many movies as possible (I can’t stay up 24 hours anymore), and I hope you’ll join Joe Bob and his legion of mutants to ring in possibly the last marathon the main man will ever host.

Here are five fun ways you can prepare for “The Last Drive In.”

5. Watch Your Favorite Horror Movie/s
Nothing celebrates Joe Bob than watching your favorite horror movies. Joe Bob delights in watching horror movies that he loves, no matter the critical consensus and you should too! Enjoy “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”? Go for it! “Dawn of the Dead”? Why not? “House of Wax” with Paris Hilton? “The Babadook”? “World War Z”? “My Boyfriend’s Back”? “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”? Go for it. “The Last Drive In” is a celebration of horror of all kinds, so watch some of your favorites before the big marathon.

4. Watch A Horror Movie You’ve Never Seen Before
Too often we feel better watching something we’ve seen a thousand times and simply don’t want to experiment. New and original horror tends to irritate some, but it’s good to step out of your comfort zone every once and a while. Check out a foreign classic like “Les Diabolique,” or maybe a silent classic like “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.” How about a great J horror film like “Three… Extremes” or “A Tale of Two Sisters”? Like monster movies? Try out “The Host.” That’s just a few examples, but I challenge you to find one movie you’ve never seen, one that makes you feel a bit unsafe, and maybe you might end up finding a new favorite.

3. Watch “Dead In Concert”
Joe Bob’s stand up special is long out of print but is available online in many forms. It’s a classic bit of stand up with Joe Bob unfolding the story of his life, along with his thoughts on women, movies, and Meskans. He even has the audience recite the Drive In Pledge before hand. It’s a hoot.

2. Buy or Revisit One of Joe Bob’s Books!
I made a point of buying as many of Joe Bob’s books as possible, and I plan to re-read a few of them. If you haven’t read any of his books, you’re missing out. Some of his best including “Joe Bob Goes to the Drive In,” “Joe Bob Goes Back to the Drive In,” along with “Profoundly Erotic,” and “Profoundly Disturbing,” two guides that discuss adult and horror films that changed the medium forever. Or if you’re tired of movies, buy Joe Bob’s latest, “Eccentric Orbits,” a nonfiction account of the rise and fall of a futuristic satellite phone and how it changed the world of communications forever.

1. Subscribe to Shudder
Hey, I say this as a horror fan: you owe it to yourself subscribe to Shudder. Not only is subscribing the only way you’ll get to see the marathon on Friday the 13th, but you’ll be a part of a very popular and acclaimed horror streaming service that is really making its mark in the industry. Currently they have a plethora of entertainment for horror buffs including classic and obscure movies, classic horror shows, podcasts, reality shows, and so much more. Go support it, and tune in Friday the 13th.