Galaxy on Fire (2018)

“Galaxy on Fire” has a lot of potential and creativity behind it, but it has a lot of work to do before it can be watchable. It’s not unwatchable in the sense that it’s bad, but in that it feels mostly incomplete and rushed. The animation varies from sharp to fuzzy, the voice work is stiff and rigid, the sound varies from loud to barely audible, and there is no real momentum to the narrative. Even for a twenty six minute movie it doesn’t do a lot to grab the audience.

I’m not sure if the movie is still in its development stages, but based on what was given to me, it has a long way to go before it can be considered a movie. Based on the video game, director Joaquin Sharpe Jr. brings to life two warring planets and the cocky pilot caught in between their battle. Known as Keith Maxwell, he’s brought on to restore peace in the galaxy, but that proves to be harder than it looks as he experiences no end of double crossing and twists at every corner.

Faced with an uneasy battle, and people with splitting allegiances left and right, Keith battles to make it out of the war in tact and alive. I’m not entirely sure what the schedule is for “Galaxy on Fire,” but is Sharpe can fix these horrible errors, “Galaxy on Fre” may just end up being very good. In its current form it watches like an experiment and a template for a future project right down to the copyrighted music. I can’t recommend this but I’d love to see it in its final true form in the future.