Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay (2018) [4K UHD/Digital/Blu-Ray]

“Hell to Pay” is chapter two in what is one of the more under appreciated animated DC series currently in stores. While DC mainly focuses on Batman and Superman, we’re given a second shot with “Suicide Squad” who DC is thankfully not above sharing for the home entertainment audiences. After the very good “Assault on Arkham,” the team known as Task Force X return with a premise that—let’s just say it—should have been the premise for the live action movie. It’s a small covert team, they should do small covert operations that involve the DC Universe, for crying out loud.

In either case, “Hell to Pay” is a fun sequel where our main character and anti-hero Dead Shot is called in to re-assemble the Suicide Squad. His last team fell apart after two of the members fell in love and betrayed the program, calling for leader Amanda Waller to execute them. Years later Vandal Savage is kidnapped, and Amanda Waller decides to bring the team together once more to retrieve a sacred object from him and the twist Dr. Pyg. Following various leads, the group go on the road looking for the macguffin and begin bashing heads, especially when Dead Shot tries to use the opportunity as a way of looking for his daughter who is fully grown by then.

The team works with enough momentum and chemistry that thankfully Batman is nowhere to be found. Where as “Assault on Arkham” had him with a small supporting role, here it’s more about Dead Shot and his commitment to the mission, as well as exploring the rather creative plot device of Vandal Savage’s coveted prize, and what it has to do with Dr. Fate. I love the idea that the writers present as it’s weird and silly enough to buy within the DC Comics Universe. “Hell to Pay” is a damn good follow up and I look forward to more heists with this animated Task Force X.

The Warner Bros. release comes in three packs, my pack had the Blu-Ray, the Digital Copy, and the 4K UHD release. The Digital Copy can be redeemed on Movies Anywhere. There’s the seven minute “A Sneak Peek at “The Death of Superman,” The next brand new DC Universe adaptation of iconic miniseries. There’s also a look at “Public Enemies,” an older sneak peek of a solid movie. Next there’s the five minute “Outback Rogue,” a look at Captain Boomerang, which allows fans a deeper and better look at one of the film’s core super villains and Flash Rogue. We even get a look at various weaponized boomerangs. “Nice Shot Floyd!” is a five minute look at Dead Shot, the best marksman in the DCU, and one of the most popular antiheroes of his kind.

This is a closer look in to his origin, his original look and his motivation of finding his daughter. “The Power of Plot Devices, MacGuffins and Red Herrings” is a great ten minute examination of plot devices, the influence they can have on a story, and yes, the definition of these three very important terms. If you want to understand good and basic storytelling, this is a neat extra. Unadvertised on the box, there are two episodes “From the DC Comics Vault.” There’s the “Beware the Batman” episode entitled “Instinct,” and the “Young Justice” episode entitled “Terrors.” Finally, there’s a commentary for “Hell to Pay” with the creative team including co-writer and Producer0 Alan Burnett, and EP James Tucker,  both of whom discuss their thoughts on the story and characters, the themes and comparisons to Roger Corman.