My Top Five MCU Villains

It’s all been leading up to this! After the end of “Iron Man” where Tony Stark is confronted by Nick Fury about the Avenger Program, here we are about to enter in to the iconic “Infinite Gauntlet.” We fans spent years just hoping for a good Captain America movie, now we’re here optimistically awaiting their third battle for the fate of Earth. While the MCU villains get a bad rap I think they all brought something to the table. Here are five of my absolute favorites from the entire library.

5. Yellow Jacket
Ant Man
One of the more vicious of the Marvel Villains, Yellow Jacket is like Brundle, and Doctor Frankenstein, a man willing to do whatever it takes to prove his brilliance and become the protégé to Hank Pym. When he finally does become mad, he uses his suit to confront Scott Lang, and goes so far as to put his daughter in harm’s way Yellow Jacket was a truly evil menace, and one who earned his fate.

4. Obad’iah Stane/Iron Monger
Iron Man
Stane is one of my favorite of the MCU villains and an underrated one to boot. He’s so jealous by Stark’s designs that he begins taking decides to start taking Stark’s own plans and using them for his selfish gains. Stark’s discovery of his underhanded business. Stane is a business man who placed violence over peace, and that’s when Iron Man steps in.

3. Loki
Thor 1, 2 and 3
One of Thor’s most iconic villains becomes one of the most dynamic cinematic villains, as he takes his qualities from the page and brings it on screen without problems. He witty, clever, slick and always has a trick up his sleeve. Not even the failed attempt to get the inifinity gauntlet deterred his effort so tdominate universe and bring the dreaded weapon in his possession, he’s taken over the thrown in Asgad, Over matched  Is it a wonder he’s been in most of the MCU movies since “Thor” in 2011

2. Eric Killmonger
Black Panther
Some of the best villains of all time don’t consider themselves villains at all and that’s who I think Killmonger. At the end of the day he’s a victim of circumstances and these filled him with a searing hatred that would sere immensely defeating T’Challa and becoming a cunning villain. Too long as T’Challa ignored the cries of his people and the world, in whjere he rises up and manages to take throne from under him and uses it as a means of showing the world that T’Challa can rise up and prove themselves. When events unfold, it’s tough to disagree with the villain and even empathize with him. It’s an important role that he’s willing to take on if only to make what is a surprisingly valid point.

1. Alexander Pierce
Captain America: Civil War
While he’s often left out of the best of lists, Pierce is one of the best of the marvel villains gallery, because he signifies the loss of liberty and order in America. Pierce belongs to an America so shaken by terrorism that they’re willing to trade basic freedoms for the illusion of safety. And what’s worse is that with his organization HYDRA, he’s managed to rise to power uncontested and begin rebuilding the country in HYDRA’s image. A clever flip of the coin from the man Robert Redford played in “3 Days of the Condor,” Pierce is able to bring down SHIELD in one fell swoop, nearly murder Nick Fury, side swipe Black Widow, and even shake Captain America to his core by framing him as a terrorist and bringing back a ghost from his past. Pierce is so deeply rooted in the system, that he’d be impossible to beat at least for a few films.