Five Movies to Watch After Marvel’s “Black Panther”

With Ryan Coogler’s “Black Panther” storming the box office, I implore you to check out these five movies, all of which carry the same themes and ideas from the film. Marvel’s African American superhero is finally getting the love and adoration he deserves, the added icing on the cake is the wonderful film that brings him in to his own unique and fun action movie with Black Panther in his world.Without further ado, here are five great movies we suggest after “Black Panther.”

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The Phantom (1996)
Based on the classic serial, this cinematic adaptation tells the story of Kit Walker, an immortal African superhero and guardian who, unbeknownst to his enemies, is one in a long line of protectors that carry the role of protecting wildlife and the local villages from poachers, thieves, and murderers. Starring Billy Zane, “The Phantom” demonstrates a lot of shades of storytelling and adventure in the vein of “Black Panther” and is definitely some good fun.

The Mask of Zorro (1998)
Martin Campbell’s 1998 reboot stars Anthony Hopkins as the original Don Diego aka Zorro. Zorro is a masked avenger who protects his people with the swirl of his sword, and dashing martial arts. When he goes in to exile after the vicious Don Rafael murders his wife and steals his only child, he re-emerges to help a young warrior named Alejandro rise up to take the mantle of Zorro and avenge the life of his brother. Action packed, funny, and riveting, this is another celebration of legacy, family, and the past, much like “Black Panther.”

Captain America: Civil War (2016)
Though Black Panther’s presence has been felt throughout the course of the MCU, he finally makes his cinematic debut in costume, when he seeks vengeance against the wrongfully accused Bucky, who is blamed for assassinating his father. Teaming with the Avengers, Black Panther joins team Iron Man to battle Captain America and his group who oppose being supervised by the local government. It’s a wonderful debut for the character and a great introduction to the solo film.

Thor (2011)
The cinematic debut of the classic Marvel iteration of the mythical character, this Kenneth Branagh directed solo film is a great tale about family, strict flawed father figures, brotherly dynamics that tear families apart, royal families, and of course very strong warrior women that can stand alongside the biggest of Marvel titans without breaking a sweat. It’s a strong solo film with a great introduction to Hawkeye.

Blade (1998)
While “Black Panther” is getting a ton of fan fare, and rightfully, let’s remember that “Blade” was one of the very first high grossing R rated comic book movies with an African American superhero leading the charge. This was also during a period where the comic book movie was declared dead after “Batman and Robin.”