Five Reasons Why “Cloverfield” is still Pretty Fantastic

Yesterday marked the decade anniversary of the release of “Cloverfield.” It was in 2007 that Bad Robot unleashed an amazing and painfully addictive viral campaign for what was essentially a modern giant monster movie. Taking to the internet as the primary tool, fans speculated for over a year what “Cloverfield” was from theories about a Cthulhu apocalypse film to “Voltron,” and fans even created their own monster designs for what the monster would and should logically look like.

There was even a mysterious online game that had zero to do with the movie but capitalized on the mystery, nonetheless. “Cloverfield” ended up being a wonderful film, and the start of an anthology movie series that involved human struggle, a mysterious marketing campaign and a giant behemoth of some kind. With “Cloverfield” now a decade old and two more mysterious movies from the series coming very soon, I look at five reasons why the movie is still so fantastic.

5. The Mystery
The Viral marketing behind “Cloverfield” was genius, and remains one of the best times I ever had following its viral marketing. I even did a series of blogs following its eventual release and had a blast visiting the websites, dissecting the photos and candids from the film, and even had a great time picking apart the trailers.

Watching TV was even fun as the trailers didn’t come on, so much as interrupt other commercials like a TV broadcast. It was good old fashioned movie fun in the vein of William Castle.

4. The Mystery Continued
The wonderful thing about “Cloverfield” is that even after the movie was in theaters, the mystery continued. The website for the film was packed with Easter eggs and hidden doorways and once you bought the DVD, everything from the slip cover to the price tag had codes allowing you to unlock certain parts of the official website. One point even offered you a chance to see a picture of the parasites walking along the back of Clovie.

3. Matt Reeves
Matt Reeves has gone on to be a great, and high profile director and he gained his reputation by filming what a pretty tricky movie overall. Using a lot of great tricks and wonderful editing, “Cloverfield” f A movie with a modest budget having to escape New York is big biudget fodder, but Reeves the most of it, even devising a finale in the New York City Skyline.

2. It’s STILL very creepy
The movie still hotsts a slew of memorable and creepy moments, from the trek through the subway, the high rise jump to rescue Michael’s girlfriend, the trek through the bridge, the initial roar that jump starts a horrifying fight for survival, and the final scene which promises that Clovie hasn’t been murdered. All we in New York, and all the world could do was hope for a miracle or hope that it got tired and went back to sleep.

1. It’s a Fantastic Love Letter to the Monster Movies
The current giant monster movie renaissance we’re experiencing… well… “Cloverfield” was laying down the foundation back in 2008. And though major critics of the film will deny, deny, deny that “Cloverfield” had any significance, it was hellbent on restarting what was a dead sub-genre in America for quite a while. On the home release, during the frequency interruptions you can even see stills from other classic giant monster movies. Plus, what’s more classic monster movie than a giant beast rising from the water to take down the island of Manhattan?