The Paul Naschy Collection II [Blu-Ray]

This follow up to the acclaimed Paul Naschy Collection from earlier in the year, comes with a five Blu-Ray collection, and a twenty four page booklet with an essay on each film included. Folks seeking to further explore Paul Naschy will find a great delight in this follow up box set, as it has almost everything you’d want to continue your education in the Spanish horror star.

“The Hunchback of the Morgue” from 1972 is centered on a hunchback who is working in a morgue and begins to fall in love with a sick woman. When she dies, he goes on a rampage and looks for a scientist, hoping to bring her back from the dead. Naschy plays the hunchback in the vein of many other hunchbacks from other horror films. He possesses a tragic bent, but a twisted sense of love that makes him a bit amoral until the very end. Despite that, it’s a vicious and gory movie, with Naschy playing well with special effects. It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s a solid horror film with Naschy front and center. “A Dragonfly For Each Corpse” from involves a mysterious killer killing deviants on the streets of Milan.

On every corpse, the murderer leaves an ornamental dragonfly soaked in their blood. Naschy plays a detective this time, trying to find the murderer, and it’s basically a Spanish Giallo film, through and through. It’s a fairly neat and bloodlestt movie, but one with fun atmosphere, and it might just appeal to more open minded Giallo buffs. “The Devil’s Possessed” is set on a revolt of a king when the people of a town over take a king and his throne, cue violence and mayhem. It’s a more sophisticated Naschy film and period piece that has its fair share of violence and blood shed, but it’s more a dramatic glimpse at an epic historical event. “Exorcism” focuses on a young woman who unwittingly participates in a satanic ceremony and ends up getting possessed by the spirit of her dead father.

“Exorcism” is one of the many “Exorcist-sploitation” films of the seventies where every single studio from all over the world had to have their own possession movie to capitalize off of the giant success of William Friedkin’s movie. To compensate or lack of mood and strong writing, there are a lot of gruesome deaths, exploitation, and some heavy blood shed. Naschy is the priest faced against the possessed young woman, and it’s a controversial title among horror fanatics. Finally, “The Werewolf and the Yeti” involves an expedition in the Himalayas where travelers encounter the titular werewolves, a sorceress, and the yeti. It’s a versus monster movie with more broadly mythical monsters that skirts copyright infringement, and it’s a decent monster movie romp.

Disc One features the censored and uncensored versions of “The Hunchback…,” along with an audio commentary by Rod Barnett and Troy Guinn of the podcast NaschyCast. There’s also the theatrical trailer, Spanish title sequence, Spanish Credit Sequence, Spanish Intertitles, and a still gallery. Disc Two garners an audio commentary for “A Dragonfly…” with an audio commentary by Author Troy Howarth, an audio-less Theatrical Trailer, a Spanish Title Sequence, a Spanish Credit Sequence, and a Still Gallery. Disc Three features Theatrical Trailers, a Spanish Title Sequence, and a Spanish Credit Sequence for “The Devil’s Possessed.” Disc Four features an audio commentary by Author Troy Howarth for “Exorcism,” as well as theatrical trailers, alternate “Clothed” Versions of the Nude Scenes for the Original Spanish Release, and an animated Still Gallery. Finally, there’s an animated still gallery for “The Werewolf and the Yeti.”