Treaters (2017)

From Treehouse Digital and director Peter Stanley-Ward, “Treaters” is a short film that I would love to become the basis for a horror anthology somewhere down the road. “Treaters” is a surefire Halloween treat that works with a sense of whimsy but also has an admirably demented sense of humor that I was sucked in to from minute one. One thing that’s always menacing about Halloween are trick or treaters, because you just never really know who, or what, are wearing those dreaded masks and whatnot.

“Treaters” is a short film wholly for the horror and Halloween fanatics, and it’s a nasty little short that I watched at least twice because I wanted more from this world. Set on Halloween night, we follow a trio of hardcore trick or treaters, and they’re led by the mastermind, a mischievous child with a Halloween mask. Sidestepping traditional Trick or treating, they instead decide to break in to the local candy store and steal as much as they can, all the while evading the cranky owner.

Despite the owner’s obliviousness to their antics in her closed store, they begin grabbing whatever they can. But when they slip up and the owner appears with a hand held weapon, it suddenly becomes every trick or treater for themselves. “Treaters” is such a fun and menacing horror short and one I hope is extended in the future in to a full length film. Peter Stanley-Ward’s direction is fantastic, the acting is top notch, and the special effects are absolutely mind blowing. When you gander at the final scene, you’ll surely take “Treaters” with a newfound appreciation for Halloween and how anything can happen on that magical night.