Nite Nite (2017)

Chad Meisenheimer’s “Nite Nite” is an ambitious little horror tale that its heart in the right place. I like director Meisenheimer’s enthusiasm for horror, even if “Nite Nite” needs a bit more spit and polish here and there. There is only so much you can do in three minutes, and “Nite Nite” works toward a basic horror tale of babysitting gone awry we often see with independent features.

A babysitter is putting her charge to bed and he begs her to look under his bed for monsters. After humoring him, she wanders off to chat on the phone and the young boy is terrorized in his room by weird activity convincing him of a monster lurking about. All in all, I would have liked at least ten more minutes of build up all things considered, as “Nite Nite” has the right idea but lacks any real lead in, or punch with its finale.

I’m also not too sure why the movie is set in 1985 when nothing ever really comes in to play during the movie for there to be a reason for “Nite Nite” to be a period horror movie. That said, “Nite Nite” is a solid, albeit fairly simple horror fix, with good performances from its small cast. Director Chad Meisenheimer knows how to stage a spooky scene, as well as evoke some respectable suspense. I hope we see more from the director in the future and watch him develop as a storyteller.