Two Birds (2017)

I like where Brendan Beachman seems intent on taking us in the realm of horror, as “Two Birds” is an indication of a rich cinematic talent who has potential to spin some very creepy horror tales down the road. Director Brendan Beachman creates a spooky and unnerving short film filled ambiguity and an enigmatic villain, and though we never quite understand what’s happening, that doesn’t make the tale less scary.

The entirety of “Two Birds” is about atmosphere, and Beachman brings it in spades with a really creepy film that delivers in surprises and twists in such a short time. Centered on a young girl named Flynn, she’s tasked with putting on the pilot light to their furnace after her girlfriend Eve fails to hear her request. As she ventures in to their spooky and dark basement, she realizes something just isn’t right when she finds Eve hunched in a corner.

“Two Birds” undermines a lot of the audiences expectations with a twist they likely will not see coming. I’m surprised to say it, but it’s already a must see with the idea that Beachman features two LGBT characters in his creepy short, but the way he enhances his film by prominently using his two excellent actresses Sarah Greyson and Avital Ash is just remarkable. I dare you not to at least try to close your eyes in the final moments of the darkness drenched film. Brendan Beachman has a unique talent for scares, and I can’t wait to see what he has for horror fans next.