Indivisibili (Indivisible) (2016) [San Diego Italian Film Festival 2017]

Conjoined twin sisters Daisy and Viola are singers in high demand for baptism, first communions, and other community events in their small town and area. As they turn 18, one of them wants her freedom no matter the cost.

Based on a story by Nicola Guaglianone who co-wrote the film with Barbara Petronio and director Edoardo De Angelis, Indivisibili is the story of two literally and figuratively inseparable sisters facing what they had been told was not possible, being separated and able to live separate lives. From the onset, the viewer knows they can be separated but they do not. When the option becomes a possibility to them, the film takes an emotional turn through the journey they each must go through to decide what they want and how to come to terms with it and what the other wants. Their internal and external struggles are what make the film one to watch and one that fascinates. The story of these two sisters is interesting, but how close they are and how they react to things together and as opposites is the real point of interest. They are characters that are intertwined in more than their conjoined hips. They are complex characters with definite personalities and this creates conflict and connection between the two, conjoined or not.

Playing the twins are sisters Angela and Marianna Fontana who clearly have a strong bond between the two of them, a bond they use to build the characters of Viola and Daisy respectively. The differences between the sisters are interesting and help build strong, layered, complex young ladies with issues that go beyond the usual issues between sisters. At the same time, their performances are entangled in each other’s and dependent on each other’s, creating a symbiotic performance as the conjoined twins. They work so well together that it shows how close they are in real life. They work together beautifully, but they also are very talented actress of their own. Each performance is personal and powerful while also being supportive of their sister’s work. The film depends on their capacities and they fulfill what is demanded of them with talent and instinct.

The film’s cinematography by Ferran Paredes takes the part of Italy the girls live in and shows it off as a grey place that seems to be closing in on them. This adds to the feeling of the film and the wanting to get out one of the twins has. This look for the film influences the general feeling and emotion the viewer will get from the film itself. The performances are greatly enhanced by this.

Invisibili is an emotionally powerful fill about the bonds between sisters and what can test them. It’s a film about family, dreams, wanting independence and happiness. It’s well-written and beautifully acted by a cast filled with talented actors. The leads, the twins, are fantastic. It’s a film with so much going on under the surface that many viewings may be needed to fully appreciate it.