Top 5 Family Friendly Horror Animated Shorts

If you’re looking for some great Halloween oriented or scary animated shorts with a classic flair, the folks at MGM, Disney, Hanna Barbera and Warner Bros. have a humongous library of classic cartoons that will fit your Halloween theme. These are only five of my favorite horror themed animated shorts that will make you laugh and spook you out at the same time. These can be purchased online or viewed on almost any video streaming website! Trick or Treat!

Lonesome Ghosts (1937)
One of the very first team ups of Donald Duck, Goofy, and Mickey Mouse, “Lonesome Ghosts” is a raucous and funny horror themed short that really is the trio at their best. Starting up a ghost hunting team, a group of ghosts decide to call them up and give them the fright of their lives. Unprepared, the trio of ghost hunters do battle with the mischievous phantoms, engaging in a series of fun and funny mishaps involving misdirection and jump scares. The short ends on a funny and ironic note making this a great Halloween treat.

Who Killed Who? (1943)
While some of the jokes and gags might go over the heads of some young audiences, “Who Killed Who?” is classic, zany Tex Avery insanity from second one. Set as a classic murder mystery after an inexplicable live action introduction, an old man is murdered in his home, and his death is investigated by a mustached, cigar chomping detective who begins inspecting his creepy mansion. Along the way he’s chased around by a hooded culprit, experiencing all kinds of deliriously funny gags and frights. The final scene is a great precursor to shows like “Spongebob” mixing live action and animation together for the sake of one great gag.

Hair-Raising Hare (1946)
One of the best Bugs Bunny shorts ever made, Bugs is introduced to the infamous sneaker wearing red haired monster known as Gossamer. When a scientist plans to deliver Bugs to the beast as food, Bugs decides to use his wits to outmatch the monster. This short garners some of my favorite comedic moments from Looney Tunes including Bugs interacting with the audience, Gossamer realizing he’s being watched by an audience screaming “People! AAAH!” and of course Bugs playing hair salon with Gossamer declaring “Now let’s dip our patties in the wa-ter!” This is Grade A Bugs Bunny comedy. 

Trick Or Treat (1952)
One of the more legendary Halloween themed Disney shorts, “Trick or Treat” finds Donald Duck’s nephews trick or treating and coming across their uncle who is giving mean spirited pranks and zero treats. Garnering the attention of a friendly witch, Donald goes one step too far prompting her to team with the nephews and concoct a witch’s brew that will help scare Donald straight. Filled with great music, and a wonderful sense of mischief that makes Halloween so great, this is a must watch.

Transylvania 6-5000 (1963)
One of the better Bugs Bunny shorts finds him crossing paths with the one and only Dracula. After traveling for a long time, he arrives at Dracula’s castle and is ready to sleep over the night. Little does Dracula know who he’s messing with as his efforts to feed on Bugs are thwarted after Bugs reads a magical spell book that allows him to unwittingly use magic on him. “Transylvania 6-5000” is one of the funniest latter day Looney Tunes shorts with Bugs at his all time slyest.