Death Metal (2016) [Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival 2017]

Panhandling plus satanic riffs equates to all out of carnage and bloodshed in writer/director Chris McInroy’s return after Bad Guy #2 with horror short Death Metal. Lars spends his day in the park, strumming his guitar with a tip jar at his side. Instead of money, it’s insults that are thrown his way. After lamenting to his father, and being completely negligent, Lars returns with an evil axe that makes him sound like he actually can play the instrument well.

Death Metal is only 5 minutes but the fury comes fast and with extreme prejudice. No one is safe in this short; men, women, and children all feel the head banging wrath of death metal. Kirk C. Johnson plays metal head Lars and Michael Dalmon plays his dad. It would be great to see Johnson in more projects, especially longer ones. They both play devout metal heads comically but accurately. In an interview with Decibel Magazine, McInroy said he had created a back story for the father where he was a roadie for Metallica and that’s why his son’s name is Lars. The few characters in this short all make you laugh at one point, especially the death scenes.

The cinematography done by E.J. Enriquez is crisp. With majority of the short being shot in a park, it parallels the music videos of European black metal bands playing their instruments in a snow covered forest. The practical effects from Eric Zapata and his crew in this short are outstanding and refreshing to see.  They leave the audience blood-thirsty and make them want to see more carnage and mayhem.  One death is very reminiscent of a scene from Thankskilling and is done with hilariously gory effects. It’s fast paced, funny as hell and bloody making the viewer wish it were a longer film. Metal and horror go hand in hand with one another and the two needs to be grouped together more often. Hopefully more films like this and Deathgasm are in line for the future. In short, this movie is pretty metal.

Death Metal is screening at the Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival. Tickets can be bought here.