Level (2017) [Horrible Imaginings Film Festival 2017]

A man stuck in a warehouse looks for a way out in what looks to be a never-ending game of cat and mouse.

Written and directed by Andrew Hunt, the film takes the simple premise of a man stuck in a warehouse and turns it on its head a bit having him question life and the reasons why he is stuck there. The film explores this while not really giving any answers. The ending to this makes the film and as thus will not be spoiled. The writing and directing do are what make this short film work so well along with the acting.

The lead and pretty much only actor really showing some emotions is Noah Gillett as the man in the warehouse. His work here is great as he shoulders the weight of the entire movie except for a few scenes where there is a cockroach (played by Pablo and Escobar) and a being met in the halls played by Sam Kruger. Everyone’s work here is talented, with of course Gillett being the star and giving the best performance, next to Pablo and Escobar of course.

The film’s shooting style and cinematography make the film look and feel like a longer film which is still effective. The cinematography by Ben Enke makes good use of the location, particularly the bathroom in which the cockroach is residing. The film’s look helps it establish its tension and maintain it by keeping some areas in darkness until they need to be revealed.

Level is a fun watch with good acting and good creature work, the effects are well done and the tension sticks around for most of the film. It uses the darkness right and sounds like it should for a film set in an empty warehouse. The ending makes the entire film really as it’s perfect and shows just the right sense of dark humor.