The Shorts of Fantasia International Film Festival 2017 – Part 3 [Fantasia International Film Festival 2017]

Each year Fantasia showcases a ton, almost a literal ton, of shorts films.  Reviewing them can be a bit demanding, so it has been decided to review them in groupings.  The following shorts were attached to feature films that played the fest and were viewed on the big screen.

Don’t Ever Change (USA) (2017)
After she is released from jail, a woman attempts to bond with her estranged daughter when a visiting man comes with an odd request.  Written and directed by Don Swaynos, this horror-comedy is more like a dark comedy for the majority of its runtime and it does so very well.  The humor hits just right with strong performances by Heather Kafka, Cyndi Williams, and Frank Mosley.  The film plays on a few familiar stories and then takes a twist that makes it a very fun watch for those with a slightly inappropriate sense of humor.  The film offers a nice, colorful look on a subject that takes a dark turn as the images stay colorful and happy.  It’s a mix that works well here and gets the point across with humor.  It’s a fun short, one that should be seen if the opportunity presents itself.

Health, Wealth & Happiness (UK) (2017)
As he mugs a woman in a park, a criminal is offered 3 wishes.  Careful what you wish for as things are not as they seem.  One third of The Albion Tales, this short delivers a punch that is a touch predictable but still fun to watch unfold.  Written and directed by Nic Alderton and starring MyAnna Buring and Alex Hassell, this short is a fun take on wish granting beings using wishes to trade for their own safety.  Here the lovely lady is charming and gets the mugger under her spell as she sweet talks him into wishing for certain things.  The film is a fun, quick watch with a twist some will see coming and other won’t, but all should enjoy nonetheless.  The film has strong acting and a fun story, making it one of those easy watches that makes one wish it would be longer.

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Fantasia International Film Festival ran from July 13th to August 2nd.