Teletubbies: Bubbles (DVD)

Released to coincide with “International Bath Day,” the Teletubbies release yet another edition of their episodes on DVD. Comprised of six episodes total, this new volume features the alien—monster—children things dancing and singing once again with the help of their special Tubby Custard Machine. Said Machine concocts all kinds of scenarios and fun activities including allowing them to play with bubbles, and dance the new “Tubby Phone Dance.”

The central theme is bubbles, and that is the banner episode of the compilation. “Teletubbies” still maintains its sense of wonder and whimsy that thankfully overrides its surreal aesthetic. I still consider the big sun rising with the baby’s face creepy, and altogether odd. But hey, kids love it and this is primarily a release for kids to help celebrate more simplistic themes that bring our characters through half hour adventures of exploration. “Teletubbies” always promises to be stimulating for its target audience as it’s consistently bright, colorful and simple.

Among the episodes, there’s “Bubbles,” “Musical Box,” “Puddles,” “Wake up Time!,” “Windy Day,” and “Bumps!” I’m surprised by how much computer animation there is in the series and like most other kids shows, there are some cute looks at actual viewers playing or interacting in an activity that applies to an episode’s theme. The DVD features two special features, a sing along for “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” as sung by the Teletubbies, and an introduction segment to Teletubbie Laa-Laa. Included in the DVD is a code allowing customers one free month of the Teletubbies Play App, which gives kids the chance to interact and play with the teletubbies.