Guerilla (2017)

Shane Ryan’s “Guerilla” watches more like a proof of concept film more than a short film, but for what it offers I think there’s a ton of potential for a great feature film down the road. With no dialogue and a sweet eighties synth score, “Guerilla” is a mix of “The Goonies” and “Night of the Comet” centering on the apocalypse and an airborne disease that transforms people in to blood soaked maniacs.

There is sadly only a few people left in the eighties post-apocalypse that are immune to the infection. This includes a preteen  (Mars Mohamed) who rides around on a bike with a Power Glove covered hand and his own arsenal of hand held weapons. “Guerilla” sets up a lot of the circumstances and scenarios for a damn good eighties throwback that I hope to see made eventually. I think this could turn in to a gore soaked science fiction adventure.

Director and writer Ryan pulls off sharp direction, setting a unique and novel tone that is complimented by the score. Ryan seems to be working against the clock to establish a lot of these concepts which is the one fault of “Guerilla.” I’d love to see these explored and emphasized further in a longer movie, and I’d eventually like to meet our hero and the film’s resident villains. As it is, “Guerilla” is a neat and entertaining eighties science fiction throwback with some very good ideas.