Star Wars: Hoshino (2016)

This is the story of Ko Hoshino, a skilled blind Jedi Master who learned the hard way that patience and wisdom can mean life or death when you’re training to battle the dark side. Stephen Vitale’s fan film “Hoshino” is a visually fantastic tale about the coming of age of a brilliant Jedi warrior, and writer Eric Carrasco delivers a tale that’s steeped in simplicity like classic “Star Wars.” Jedi master Ho Koshino is learning to build her own light saber and thinks back to her tragic origins.

Much like Luke Skywalker, when we meet a young Ko Hoshino, she’s an impatient Jedi padawan (i.e. Apprentice) who wants to use the nifty light saber. Despite her insistence and frustration at the long process, her master Jaan-Xu enforces waiting to handle the weapon and first learn the art of coordination and the nuances of the weapon. One night Hoshino steals her master’s light saber in an attempt to use it, she’s involved in an accident that robs her of her sight. “Hoshino” is filled with excellent and absolutely top notch production value that reflects much of the sensibilities of the movie series. Hoshino’s tale is a wonderful morality lesson, while Hoshino is a very entertaining and compelling heroine.

Even despite her initial head strong attitude and stubbornness, you root for her to learn from her mistakes, and she does blossom in to a valiant jedi knight. Youtube star Anna Akana’s performance is pitch perfect as she takes to the character very well, lending her a sense of appeal that could fit in well with actual “Star Wars” canon. Vitale lends the fan film an entertaining sense of fantasy and dynamic tension, with Hoshino’s journey literally changing her future, and Hoshino having to wear her mistake for the rest of her life. Akana has a really interesting beauty to her, and she give a top notch performance portraying a character Id love see again someday.