Check Please (2017)

The premise for “Check Please” is less a slice of life and more something you’d find in a normal sitcom. That’s not a slight, but it does hinder what is a fine comedy, that could have been great. “Check Please” involves a massive misunderstanding that snowballs in to chaos, as young Ben is preparing to propose to Laura, his girlfriend of many years. She seems like a girl who has put up with a lot and has spent a while trying to convince Ben to marry her, and he’s opted to propose by sneaking her ring in to a piece of pie.

Accidentally, the pie is sent to the wrong table. When Ben anxiously reasons with the guy to give him back his ring, the man ends up being a complete jack ass who is more interested in self gain rather than giving Ben a shot at what seems like a difficult relationship. It’s never entirely clear why Ben has such a difficult time getting a hold of the ring, since by the time the proposal has been ruined, everything else seems to go downhill.

This sadly ruins the intended obstacle and makes the conflict feel contrived. That said, “Check Please” garners some ace direction and really good performances from the entire cast including Amelia Brain, and Jacob Trussell who is the perfect antagonist for this premise. “Check Please” is a solid comedic short with very good turns from the cast all around. If you enjoy these kinds of films with zany mishaps and situations, it’s definitely up your alley.

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