Cauliflower (2017)

Director-Writer Phoebe Torres’ short “Cauliflower” plays out like a skit from a comedy show, and that’s not at all meant to be a slight since it’s a damn funny short film, that also conveys a full narrative in under five minutes. It’s weird how much the fear of looking ignorant can often turn us in to clowns nevertheless, but Torres has a great sense of capturing how sometimes we’d rather feign knowledge no matter how stupid we look, than not admit to ignorance.

“Cauliflower” has a deceptively simple premise that makes a fun commentary about human behavior. Young Lindsey is throwing a dinner party for her three friends. After announcing their main courses, she explains to them that they’re also having cauliflower and ironically they have no idea what that is. Despite obviously not knowing, they insist they’ve had it and persist on committing to the lie so aggressively that it becomes incredibly ridiculous. Torres’ fast paced editing and hilarious writing make “Cauliflower” a sharply comic and weird slice of life.

There’s no filler or flab in her film, as every line and moment has a significance to intended joke at hand. What also helps is the ace comic timing from the entire cast, all of whom are laugh out loud funny. Director Phoebe Torres directs a fine quick comedy that ends on a hilarious note as well as an epilogue that kept me grinning from ear to ear. I’d love to see what director Phoebe Torres can do with a longer form comedy down the line, because if “Cauliflower” is any indication, we’re in for something completely out of the ordinary and hilarious.