Pearl (2016)

ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE – Director Patrick Osborne gave audiences the beautiful and sweet animated short “Feast” about a dog’s love for food and his owner. With “Pearl,” Osborne breaks out of that smaller narrative to create a sweet, touching, and incredible ode to music and the power of family. Patrick Osborne created “Pearl” as one of the first VR animated short films that allowed audiences to experience the movie in 360 degrees.

Watching it in a normal state thankfully doesn’t detract from the statement about how music and love for music can bind us, and keep us together through every singe storm that may confront us. “Pearl” is a mostly silent film about a father and his daughter, both of whom is homeless and spend their days living in his car traveling around the country. He spends most of his days performing his song about life that he wrote to his daughter, for random people.

But as he realizes his daughter is getting older, he does his very best to grow up and realizes that he might be losing his daughter to the classic stumbles and obstacles of adolescence, coming of age, and her thirst for independence. At nearly six minutes in length, “Pearl” unfolds an epic and absolutely gripping tale about the eternal bonds of a dad and his daughter, and how one magical song always seems to keep them drifting back to one another, no matter how hard or impossible life becomes.