Borrowed Time (2016)

ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE – It’s devastating how truly life can change from one extreme to another. One moment we’re enjoying life and soaking in an afternoon, and the next we’re facing guilt and horrific loss. “Borrowed Time” is a very on the nose description of what Andrew Coats and Lou Hamou-Lhadj’s narrative entails, but it still manages to be an emotional and brutally heartbreaking tale about loss and death. An aging sheriff stands on the edge of a cliff. It’s the very same cliff that has haunted him his entire life no matter how hard he has tried to forget it.

With his father’s old time piece in hand, the more he inches toward the edge, he begins to remember that horrific afternoon more and more, finding it impossible to come to grips the fact that he lost probably the only good person in his entire lifetime. Animated by a Team of artists that work at Pixar, directors Andrew Coats and Lou Hamou-Lhadj seek to tell a truly gut wrenching adult tale that is conveyed beautifully through computer animation.

The animation here is absolutely vivid and vibrant, especially as our character stands on the precipice of his life, and literally on the point of his childhood where he was forced to grow up and perhaps press forward in to a life of hardships and suffering. “Borrowed Time” is a simple but heartbreaking sequence of events that lead to a child watching his father fight for their lives and quickly be taken from his hands no matter how hard they fought. Viewers might have a very hard time making it through this without shedding a few tears, as it’s a brutal short film that conveys the idea of loss and grief without fail.