X-Rated: The Greatest Adult Movies of All Time (2015) (DVD)

From Showtime and Kino Lorber comes what is basically a fun primer of adult cinema for folks that might want to either re-visit the genre, or perhaps learn where to start their collection. “X-Rated” is a very R rated look at some of the greatest Adult movies of all time, and manages to interview many of the surviving cast members of films like “The Opening of Misty Beethoven,” “Deep Throat,” and the once very controversial “Taboo.” Its surprising to see how much involvement many of the cast members had in making these classic porn movies, and how affectionately a lot of modern adult stars discuss these movies with a lot of insight and enthusiasm.

There are some real anecdotal gems to be mined from this documentary, from the sighting of Johnny Carson on line to see “Deep Throat,” to a very bad experience working with Radley Metzger right down to Marilyn Chambers passing out during a sex scene in “Behind the Green Door.” There’s also Kay Parker who appears to discuss her apprehensions filming “Taboo” and how she was originally disgusted with the premise of an adult movie revolving around the sexual affair between a mother and her son. A lot of the interviews are thankfully what make up most of the fun of this retrospective with discussions with Chanel Preston, the great Nina Hartley, and Jacky St. James who seems to have a really good time talking about the stories and themes behind classics like “Behind the Green Door” and “Debbie Does Dallas.”

Viewers might find a lot of the little tidbits and trivia behind some of the classic films to be very entertaining and I had a blast getting insight straight from the stars and directors of these classic titles. There’s a hilarious story involving an anal sex scene and one of the actresses who had her necklace stuck in a toilet bowl and had to keep flushing to allow her air during the scene. “X-Rated” is a mostly fun and raucous look at some of the standards of adult cinema, and director Bryn Pryor covers most of the titles you’ve always wanted to know about with a brisk pace and firm tongue in cheek. All critics, and opponents of pornography are thankfully excluded in favor of what is mainly a celebration of adult cinema titles that shaped and influence pop culture for the better and for the worst.

The DVD features five deleted scenes which are segments exploring more obscure adult cinema that was taken out either for pacing or time constraints. There are five extended interviews with Georgina Spelvin, Kay Parker, Ron Jeremy, and Stoya. Finally there’s the original trailer for “X-Rated.”